Balloon Prediction

Balloon Prediction

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If you can twist or are willing to learn some simple balloon models, then this is for you. It’s perfect for rewarding a spectator who has helped you in your show.

You display a sealed gift bag and show some pictures of various balloon models; a Swan, Flower, Horse, Giraffe, Poodle, Butterfly, Sword and Elephant Hat.

The pictures are thoroughly mixed together and then given face down to a child or adult who discards seven of them leaving just one picture in their hands, let’s say this is the Flower but it can be any one of the eight.

When the gift bag, which has been in full view from the start, is opened and the item inside is removed it proves to be an exact match - a ready-made balloon flower! You hand it to the spectator as a reward for helping you.

In an alternative routine a participant can be discarding various pictures face down while you are modelling a balloon, completing shall we say, the Swan and when the spectator turns over the last card this also proves to be a Swan.

In yet another routine you claim, for example, that you won’t make a poodle because it is too difficult, and you show the cards don’t have that picture amongst them. Yet when the chosen card is turned over it proves to be a poodle – and strangely the balloon you have been modelling to make a horse turns out to be a marvellous matching poodle too!

Please note: No Equivoque, PATIO or spelling is used. This is a superb fun show suitable for all types of audiences, even table-hopping and street entertainment. Easy to do.

Comes with eight laminated A6 sized picture cards & instructions. Use your own balloons and gift bag.

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