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You lay six different coloured figures in a row upon a table as you offer to create a voodoo spell.

A spectator rolls a dice or gives you a number from one through to six and the voodoo victim is selected by that number and placed to one side (no switch).

The other figures are freely shown to be blank on both sides and can be left for examination.

The selected victim is turned over to show in blood red the word VOODOO down its spine complete with blood splashes!

Everything can be left for examination. The voodoo victim can be changed for repeat performances which makes it ideal for table-hopping and similar events. Simple, direct and easy to do making an unusual display.

The mixed coloured figures are cut from a sheet of very fine foam and each one measures approximately 137x210mm, lightweight they are easily carried in your pocket and take up hardly any room at the bottom of your showcase. They are supplied blank so you will need to write the word ‘VOODOO’ with a red marker pen, alternatively you can use other words if you prefer, such as ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Merry Christmas’ or whatever you wish.

YouDoVoodoo is a low-cost easy to do item that has a strong powerful effect using a classic method in magic that has stood the test of many performances.

Comes with nine foam figures (approx 8 x 5.5”, 20.5 x 14cm) & instructions

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