Fantastic Frame

Fantastic Frame

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Fantastic Frame is a clever revelation of three selected playing cards in a novel magical way that always intrigues baffled spectators.

A clear perspex frame is shown with two blank-faced playing cards locked into it. It is then covered by a borrowed hanky.

Three spectators are asked to select a card each from a deck.

When the frame is removed from under the handkerchief, the two blank cards duplicate the selections of the first two spectators.

But now there is a snag, what about the THIRD spectator's selected card?

All is well in the end, as finally it is seen that the suit and the value of the third spectator's card has been magically printed behind the two cards in the frame!

Comes with the special Frame (approx 5.75", 14.5cm square) & photo-illustrated instructions. Use your own pack of playing cards.

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