Coin Pro-diction - Mre

Coin Pro-diction - Mre

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Close-up mental effects that can be performed anywhere and using normal everyday items are difficult to find. Here is one that has given me over forty-five years of fantastic service and the full routine is being released here for the very first time!

Four different coins are borrowed from audience members – anyone mixes up the coins so that some are heads and some are tails. Meanwhile you lay out four small cards each of which is clearly marked Prediction One, Two, Three and Four.

The coins are arranged in a row and a spectator selects one of them (no, this is not the P.A.T.I.O. force). The other three coins are handed back to their rightful owners.

Only one coin remains as the target of your four predictions.
·Prediction One is turned over and read – it predicts that only one coin will remain – not very impressive but it will bring a smile to everyone’s face!
·Prediction Two is turned over and read – it correctly predicts the value of the selected coin, people now start to sit up and take notice.
·Prediction Three correctly predicts if the coin has heads or tails uppermost – remember the spectator decided this for himself!
·Prediction Four gives the exact date of the target coin!

Please Note: No fake coins are used just ordinary everyday ones that most people have readily available in their pockets.

Comes with the printed prediction cards that have the appearance of being written by hand & instructions.

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