Elusive Unicorns

Elusive Unicorns

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Here is a delightful effect for your new show using mystical cut-out unicorns.

You show a pink unicorn asking the children if it is a boy or girl and receiving the answer from the children that pink is a girl's colour so it is a girl unicorn.

Next you show a blue unicorn and the children will identify it as being a boy.

Explaining that unicorns can do magic, you cover the blue one with an empty oblong tube that has a blue unicorn on its front, and also cover the pink unicorn with a similar tube but with a pink unicorn on its front.

Moving the two unicorns apart on your table and saying a magic word you now show they have magically changed places; the BLUE unicorn is now in the PINK tube and the PINK unicorn is now inside the BLUE tube.

Offering to change them back by magic you move them even farther apart on your table, getting all the children to say your magic word, you then show that the unicorns have magically changed back into their original places of blue in blue and pink in pink.

But your young audience are not impressed accusing you of cheating and having only been turning the two unicorns around, you can at this point use all your usual 'turning it round' fun and gags, building up the atmosphere to where the children are demanding to see the opposite side of each unicorn.

Eventually, you do show the opposite sides of each unicorn to be completely different colours than at the start - proving that the unicorns DID perform their amazing magic!

Comes with sturdily-made covers (approx 12.5 x 9", 32 x 23cm), two unicorns, both just slightly smaller than the covers, & instructions.

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