Ele-Ment-Al - Updated

Ele-Ment-Al - Updated

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Based on a brilliant idea by Cicardi. Practical close-up effects in which the spectator becomes the psychic are few and far between and yet they are very popular indeed with the general public.

You lay four small envelopes face down explaining that inside these are pictures of the four elements Air, Earth, Fire & Water. A spectator is requested to hold their hand palm down over each envelope in turn – using their psychic vibrations to try and guess which element is on each picture – their guesses are marked on each envelope with a marking pen.

Incredible as it may seem; when the spectator themselves opens the four envelopes they have identified every one of the four elements 100% correctly!

The four envelopes and pictures can be left for examination and will give no clue to your mystery. No one ahead or one behind is used. No secret indicators or marks on the envelopes or pictures. No double lifts or similar sleights.

The small pictures are about the size of a business card but with rounded corners, they are also laminated for long life.

We also explain how the effect can be performed without the envelopes; the letters being marked onto the blank backs of the laminated pictures; using a wipe clean White Board Pen; thus saving you the cost of envelopes.

The effect is very easy-to-do and you will be able to perform Ele-Ment-Al straight away.

Comes complete with laminated pictures, sample unfaked envelopes & instructions.

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