Pseudo Psychic Boards

Pseudo Psychic Boards

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The ultimate audience participation routine!

Four spectators are invited forwards, and each is given a wipe clean board and a dry erase pen and then while you back is turned, they each draw a simple picture from their own mind onto the boards which are then collected and mixed by one of the participants keeping the pictures concealed from your view.

Taking three of the boards in turn and showing the audience each picture, you give a short interpretation of the type of person who would draw such a picture, finally returning them to the correct participant concerned

One picture remains, still with its back to the audience. Taking one of the other boards and wiping it, you ask the final spectator to concentrate on her picture and after a moment you draw something on your board.

Both of you now hold a board each with a concealed picture, dramatically at your command you both show your drawing to the audience at the same time, amazingly both pictures match each other convincing proof that you have correctly read the audience member’s mind!

The above is the basic effect of Pseudo Psychic Boards, but it can either by presented in a serious vein or with plenty of other business raising the entertainment content to a high level and with a stunning finale befitting your own personality and presentation skills.

It is ideal as a lie detector test, personality assessment, body language demonstration or a combination of all three - the choice is yours.

*No skill save that of presentation is required.
*No stooges or pre-show work involved.
*Very easy to do using our practical guaranteed methods.
*Supplies are limited so please get yours now.

Comes with four Pseudo Psychic Boards (approx 11 x 8.5”, 28 x 21.5cm) & instructions.

Overseas, this is a heavy bulky item that may attract extra postage to your country

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