Mexican Mouse Mystery

Mexican Mouse Mystery

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Based on our best-selling effect Sockerama, Eddie performs this alternative fun item in his table-hopping & close-up shows. It has everything; novelty, comedy & mystery! Yet is always ready to perform without any reset or advanced preparation.

It’s the tale of what happens when you train a team of Mexican mice to do magic. Several colourful laminated cards are shown, and these depict your Mexican Mouse Team.

To an amusing story, the mice are divided into two piles; one pile gets an even number of mice, while the other pile gets an odd number of mice, this decision is made by a member of your audience.

Everything seems fair and square when, without any sleight of hand or false moves the two piles of mice magically change places with each other, moreover this can all happen in the spectator’s own hands! If this doesn’t get their attention, nothing will!

Pop it into your pocket and Mexican Mouse Mystery can be performed at a moment’s notice. This is an usual and clever effect. Try it once and I promise that you will become hooked on performing it regularly, anywhere at any time!

Comes with the laminated Mexican Mice cards (approx 4 x 2.75”, 10 x 7cm) & instructions.

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