Ghostly Apparitions

Ghostly Apparitions

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A truly bizarre effect that you can carry in your pocket and perform on request anywhere anytime!

You place upon a table three laminated cards each with a picture of a ghost whose image has been caught on a special camera, explaining that these are restless souls condemned to wander on this earth until they can find peace for their unholy deeds.

Any spectator arranges them face-up in any order on the table and moves them about while your back is turned, as you explain they are all peripatetic apparitions.

Your participant now thinks of one of them and secretly in her mind says a little prayer for it and if you correctly name the one she is concentrating on, that spirit will be released from its earthly bond and find immortal peace.

The spectator switches the cards around one more time and then you turn and immediately correctly name the spectre she is only thinking of!

*Participant has a free choice & can change her mind.
*She tells you nothing.
*No force, nothing written down & no sleights.
*No marked cards – all can be examined.
*Easy to do and can be repeated immediately.
*No stooges or pre-show work.

Comes complete with three unfaked picture cards (approx 2.75”, 7cm square) & instructions.

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