Fredricka's Odd Man Out - Bicycle cards

Fredricka's Odd Man Out - Bicycle cards

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Now with Bicycle cards and a new handling by Michael Symes.

If you are looking for a stunning first class effect that is easy to do and yet is truly bewildering to the onlookers, then this is the one for you!

Tommy Fredrick’s Odd Man Out uses a single pack of 52 playing cards plus the Joker.

Any spectator simply thinks of any playing card and you slowly count through the cards, face upwards until he stops you at his mentally selected card. No force! This card is removed face up from the pack.

The pack is now turned backs upwards, then the cards are fanned and counted singly to show (say) that the pack consists of BLUE backs.

Without a single move, the spectator turns over the selected card and it has a RED back – truly the Odd Man Out!

No rough & smooth, no double-back or specially printed cards. Just 52 cards and a Joker. Always ready! Resets automatically and easy to do! A further suggested routine is also included.

Comes with a special pack of quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

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