ESP Free Choice

ESP Free Choice

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Five laminated, coloured ESP cards consisting of a Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Star and Square are taken out of an envelope and displayed face up in a row across the table.

A screwed-up banknote or a paper ball if you prefer is given to your spectator who places it on top of any of the ESP cards with an absolutely free choice – no force!

Immediately and with no hesitation you show their choice exactly matches your prediction!

*No skill or sleight of hand is used
*This stunning effect is exactly as presented above
*Perform it straight out of the packet

ESP Free Choice is an outstanding close-up piece of trickery ideally suited to those just starting in magic, hobbyists and full-time professional performers. Surprisingly easy to do.

Comes with laminated coloured ESP cards about the size of poker playing cards, envelope, prediction card & instructions. Use your own banknote.

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