Professional Sealed In Air Prediction

Professional Sealed In Air Prediction

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Predict newspaper headlines days in advance, horse race results, lottery numbers and many more!

Others have previously sold this wonderful prediction method at a very expensive price. Unfortunately, they left out one small, but vitally important detail from the instructions. Thus the item failed to find favour with many performers. Now at last Eddie Burke has explained the working in detail so that you may include it in your shows with complete confidence.

An inflated balloon is given into the custody of your committee a few days in advance. They can sign the balloon to be sure it is not switched or tampered with in any way. When the balloon is shaken, something can be clearly heard and seen to bounce around inside it. This you explain is your prediction of events to happen in a few days' time.

On the appointed day and with gentlemen of the press in attendance, a member of the committee bursts the balloon and your prediction paper is revealed. This is read out aloud and proves to be the leading newspaper stories of that very day that you have predicted in advance several days earlier. A sensational effect!

Only ordinary everyday properties are used in this effective demonstration of ‘clairvoyance’ all of which you can obtain locally. No stooges, no switch of balloons.

Easy-to-do; learn it in just one evening.

Full method properly explained in this outstanding Mr. E booklet.

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