Sucker Club

Sucker Club

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This comedy sucker effect can be carried in your pocket ready to perform whenever the right moment presents itself. Perfect to use on a heckler or any likely dupe!

You have six laminated cards about the size of poker playing cards all face down and allow someone to choose and isolate any one of them; placing a coin from their own pocket or purse on the back of their chosen face down card.

Each discarded card is turned face up and shows the message ‘You did NOT choose this one!’

You pick up the participant’s coin from his chosen card asking him to turn over the card and read out the message on it, they read out loud, ‘Thanks for the donation. You are now a fully paid up member of the SUCKERS Club!’ – as you drop the coin into your pocket or a nearby charity box! With extra ideas by Ken de Courcy & Eddie Burke.

Comes with special laminated poker sized cards & instructions.

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