One Diary-One Deck

One Diary-One Deck

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Placing both a pack of playing cards and a small pocket diary upon the table in full view, you ask any spectator their birth date. You explain that the diary contains the name of a different card on each of its dates and then ask the participant to look up the playing card on her (or his) own birth date, in so doing they note that different cards are at each date in the diary.

Meanwhile you take a sealed envelope and write the participant’s birth date across its face – leaving this also in full view.

The participant calls out the card at their birthday date –let’s say it is the Eight of Clubs. Immediately they pick up the pack of cards which has been in full view throughout and count them face upwards one by one, looking for their special card the Eight of Clubs – they never find it for their card is missing from the pack – there are only fifty-one cards.

Any spectator can now open the envelope that has the participant’s birth date written boldly on its face – it contains a single playing card – the Eight of Clubs!

*Only ONE pack of cards is used.
*Only ONE diary is used.
*Predicted card is different each time!
*If you wish the card can have Happy Birthday written on its back!
*Easy to do.
*Perform it anywhere at anytime!

In an alternative finish the card at their birthday can be the only one in the deck with a different coloured back. No Rough & Smooth, No wax or similar sticky stuff.

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