Chip of Chance

Chip of Chance

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Placing a £50 banknote on the table you propose to gamble this as a prize with three different coloured poker chips and a small gaming board that has three circles on it, marked 1, 2 and 3.

Turning your back and closing your eyes – and I can promise you that you do NOT peek at any time in the proceedings that follow, you claim that you are going to follow the movements mentally that a spectator will use using the gaming board and the three poker chips.

First the participant freely mixes up the three coloured chips and then places one on each circle – they can mix them even further and you genuinely have no control or idea which colour chip is at each numbered circle.

Still with your back turned you instruct the participant to move the chips about until it becomes clear that each one rests on circles of pure chance.

The participant now gives one chip away to another spectator, keeps one for themselves and hands one to you then they turn the gaming board over to discover a bold message printed on its other side, it may read: ‘The person who has the BLUE chip WINS the prize!’

Both you and your two participants open your clenched fists and show the poker chips – you have successfully controlled the participants’ movements and pick up the £50 banknote as your prize!

In place of the banknote you can gamble your cheque for the show – don’t worry you will win every time! The winning coloured chip is different at every show but this is NOT a multiple prediction out – we promise that you are going to be thrilled with the method we explain.

Everything is supplied except the banknote – the small Gaming Board which will fit into your inside jacket pocket is printed & laminated for long life. The genuine Poker Chips are completely unfaked.

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