Scramble prediction

Scramble prediction

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A card trick that is different and lots of FUN to perform!

Writing out a prediction you leave it in full view, perhaps even held by a spectator and you never touch it again.

Shuffling and showing a deck of poker sized playing cards front and back, you invite a spectator to throw the pack in to the air so that they hit the floor in a scrambled mess, some faces upwards and the rest faces down.

Your participant gathers together the face-up cards and once again tosses them in the air, this is repeated until just two or three cards are facing upwards, one of these is selected by your spectator (no stooges), let’s say it is the Jack of Diamonds (it will be a different card each time you repeat it). The participant holding your prediction in full view reads it out loud for all to hear, “The jack of diamonds!”

This entertaining effect can also be performed close-up using a small number of playing cards which the spectator mixes behind his back turning some faces upwards and leaving others faces down, eliminating the face-down cards until they reveal the final card – which you know in advance. Baffling, great fun and very easy to do!

Comes with about 13 quality Bicycle poker size cards & instructions. Use your own deck of poker sized cards if you wish to present the full deck version.

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