My Beautiful Lady Assistant

My Beautiful Lady Assistant

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You show a picture of your lovely lady assistant and lay it on the table, explaining she is a great help to you in your magic.

Showing a deck of playing cards, you shuffle them and then deal them a card at a time face down upon the table inviting a spectator to take the image and drop it onto any card as you deal them.

He does so and you assemble the pack and spread them across the table faces down locating the assistant’s picture and separating it and the card next to it. The face of the card is shown and when the lady image is reversed there is an exact replica of the selected card on its back!

Comes with three assorted picture cards so you can use them to predict different cards as follows:

A card with Chinese writing on one side & an alternative playing card on its back. This, you say, is your Chinese prediction and you ask someone to read out the prediction which they fail to do, as they can’t read Chinese. You then mention that fortunately your Chinese magician friend has displayed a replica of the chosen playing card on the back and it’s an exact match of the chosen card.

A further picture card shows a young boy magician. You explain that this represents you when you first started to do magic at a tender age, and you are about to show them your favourite trick that you learned at that time.

A third picture is that of an attractive fortune-teller who reveals the spectator’s ‘lucky card’ - the ladies love this one and it is a great way to lead into giving readings from the cards.

Bonus! We also explain how you can work the effect impromptu using your own business card which you can give to prospective clients and we also give you a great unexpected climax using something that you possibly already own.

My Beautiful Lady Assistant is ideal for table-hopping at weddings, dinner parties and other special occasions. Use your own or a borrowed deck of cards.

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