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The picture is of Sigmund Freud the father of psychoanalysis. This is a stunning idea in mentalism.

Rarely can we claim to offer a really different way of performing mentalism, but this is what we present here, breaking away from the hackneyed mindreading, predictions, telepathy and so forth.

A spectator thinks of an object, he has a totally free choice.

You fire a number of questions at him and then analyse his answers together with his reactions until it is realised that you are gradually building up a word picture of the thought-of item

Finally you are led to the inescapable conclusion that the spectator is thinking of the one object that you name.
To the amazement of your audience the spectator acknowledges that you are 100% correct!

Rest assured we are not offering anything complicated. Or new in methodology. This stunning effect is so simple that it cannot possibly fail, you have so little to think about you can devote your attention to its interesting and commercial presentation.

So fascinating to an audience that they will all want to be psychoanalysed and you can repeat it several times without ever revealing your secrets. No skill is required save the skill of being able to talk convincingly with a little showmanship. Perfect for stage, cabaret, dinner parties or television.

Comes with Cue Card, our exclusive 8-page booklet detailing a short lecture on psychoanalysis & questions to ask so that the word picture of the thought-of article is built up to an astonishing climax, together with the secret.

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