ESP Predicto

ESP Predicto

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An exciting mental effect using colourful ESP cards.

Passing a single folded sheet of paper to a member of your audience or alternatively sending them a message to their mobile telephone, you request in both cases that they don’t open your prediction just yet.

You now display ten laminated picture cards, each has a different modern ESP symbol on its face, the cards are mixed then any spectator freely names a number between one and ten.

The sign appearing at that number is shown and your prediction is opened by a spectator. Incredibly you have predicted the very symbol just chosen either written on your folded paper or with your message to a spectator’s phone!

The ESP cards can be left for examination with no clue to your mystery. Should you repeat the trick for the same group of people the prediction will exactly match a different chosen ESP sign using the same procedure.

No rough & smooth or sticky stuff is used, each symbol card is different. No force of the number, the participant has a perfectly free choice and can change their mind if they so wish. No marked cards.

Perfect for close-up, cabaret, stand-up, TV and can be performed on Zoom and similar IT programs (which is what I originally developed it for!).

Comes with laminated ESP symbol cards (approx 5.5 x 3.75”, 14 x 9.5cms) & instructions.

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