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Ultimonte is the three-card scam with all the eye-popping theatrics - but none of the sleight of hand.

Show three cards; an Eight of Spades is sandwiched between two court cards. Shut the fan - WHAMMO! The Eight jumps to the bottom of the packet.

Just as fast as you can refan the cards, it has jumped back to the centre. It's unbelievable and lightning quick.

Do this as many times as you like because of a clever hidden secret built into the Bicycle cards they will never suspect a thing!

Now for the finale you turn over all three cards in your hand and they're now all Eights! They didn't see that coming! It's a slam-bam ending that your spectators will never forget.

There's no technique here, just do the fastest fan you can (the one where the cards just pop out from your fingers) and the magic happens.

Comes with playing cards, printed instructions & online instructional video.

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