Colour Sense

Colour Sense

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Sixteen different laminated (A6 100mm x 140mm) large colour cards are shown of the type that decorators and colour consultants use so clients can choose their tints.

The audience can see that there are sixteen different colours in various shades.

The cards are freely mixed together and then you snap a couple of elastic bands around the packet, no exchange, the same packet of sixteen different colours is then tossed to any member of your audience.

The gentleman (or lady) receiving the packet merely peeks and remembers both the colour’s name and the catalogue code number, then closing the packet he tosses it to a second spectator who also glances at a colour and catalogue code number, closes the packet and tosses it to a third spectator who does the same.

Yes, it’s the ‘tossed out pack’ without playing cards, in a new and exciting guise, an improved method that you are going to love it is so simple and effective!

The cards are tossed back on the stage and you go nowhere near them.

The three spectators are requested to stand up and concentrate on both their selected colour’s name and the catalogue code number for their individual selections.

You now proceed to correctly ‘read their minds’ announcing all three mentally selected colours, together with the three exact catalogue code numbers.

A miracle type mind reading effect!

Note the following:
*The colours are freely shown and the audience can see that there are sixteen colours to choose from.
*The cards are NOT double sided in fact, the back of each card is completely blank. Cards are laminated for long life.
*No switch of cards or adding extra cards etc.
*Easy to do!

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