Lucky Coin

Lucky Coin

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“See a coin & pick it up an ye shall have good fortune all day!”

You take a small laminated card from your pocket and show that it contains pictures of three crystal balls set out in triangular form.

Borrow three different coins from members of the audience and place one coin on each crystal ball, you then recite:
“See a coin and pick it up an ye shall have good fortune all day!

“One of these coins” you tell a spectator, “is your lucky coin, many psychologists believe that we have an inborn instinct that allows us to recognise which coin would bring us good fortune – let’s test out this theory, please study these three coins carefully and point to the one that might be lucky for you!”

After careful consideration the spectator indicates one of the three coins and magically points out their very own lucky coin, which you prove is correct beyond any doubt!

This is a neat prediction effect which you can carry in your pocket and perform anywhere at anytime. Borrowed coins can be used as none of them are switched or marked.

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