Holey Card Trick

Holey Card Trick

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You place a small prediction envelope in full view on the table showing that it holds just two playing cards. Please note there are definitely only two cards inside the envelope & the envelope is not faked or gimmicked in any way.

From a well-shuffled pack of playing cards (which may be borrowed) two cards are fairly chosen and turned faces upwards. You now introduce two black shapes, one is a square and the other is a triangle.

Anyone places these two shapes one onto each of the faces of the two cards – please note, they themselves choose which shape goes upon which playing card, no force, they can even change their mind up to the very last moment if they so wish.

The two prediction cards are now openly removed from the envelope which can be passed for examination, not only do these two cards exactly match the chosen cards in both suit and value – but get this.

The matching prediction card that the spectator freely placed the black square upon HAS A LARGE SQUARE HOLE CUT INTO ITS CENTRE and the prediction card that the spectator placed the black triangle upon HAS A LARGE TRIANGULAR SHAPED HOLE IN ITS CENTRE!

These are genuine holes which the spectators can push their fingers through and there are no sliding pieces on the cards – just genuine holes cut right through their centres!

When I first showed Holey Card Trick to Barry Gordon he said, “Eddie – this is the finest card trick of its kind ever invented – I feel truly proud to be asked to make them for your customers!”

Comes with the special Poker sized Bicycle cards & instructions. Use any pack of cards.

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