Colour Psychology

Colour Psychology

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Dr Max Luscher devised the most famous colour test in 1947 and it was then used extensively throughout the world to test patients’ emotional conditions. I devised my own colour test using four coloured cards in about 1952.

The original concept was simplified a few years later by printing Zodiac signs on the opposite side of the cards – the participant choose the colours that contained their sign and a reading was given based on these colours.

During the 1960s I added an old but little-known magic principle that allowed me to secretly learn the Zodiac sign of any ‘sitter’ and reveal their star sign in the course of the reading. This system of giving quick ‘Colour Psychology Readings’ has been extremely useful & used by me over many years.

The cards supplied are large enough for public use yet small enough to carry in your wallet. It is like carrying your own little business in your pocket!

These specially made cards can be used anywhere to give amazing and complete readings or when you are presenting a psychic style entertainment. They are ideal when working one-to-one giving quick readings in restaurants or at corporate functions.

Since you are using coloured cards rather than Tarot cards Colour Psychology will make you stand out from other readers at psychic, craft, antique, book or similar fairs.

Comes with the complete set of four laminated cards (approx 3.5" x 5.5") & instructions.

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