Mindreading Chicken (21 inches long)

Mindreading Chicken (21 inches long)

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The idea of a chicken that laid eggs which when broken had a prediction inside, was first explained in one of Bob Nelson’s books on comedy mentalism many years ago.

While loving the idea, I didn’t really fancy taking a live chicken everywhere so I used to simply produce the eggs from a comedy cloth limp chicken or even a paper bag.

In the early 1970s rubber chickens came onto the novelty market so now I could show an exhausted looking chicken, which I then claimed had laid the prediction egg, as a great finish to the novel routine.

A variety of gags were then added to build up the comedy, two of which were suggested to me by the inimitable Tommy Cooper.

One of my suppliers sent me a sample chicken which when squeezed, let out a shrill and realistic squeal, so now my clairvoyant chicken can talk to me, revealing the names of chosen cards before going into its big finish of laying a real egg - which when broken contains a final stunning prediction!

I have written the full entertaining routine so that you can include this amusing novelty and put some good clean fun into your magic or mentalism performances.

Completely practical for close-up, cabaret or stage use and once you have witnessed the laughter and fun it creates you will never want to leave it out of any of your shows.

Comes with the 21" long squeezable chicken & instructions. Use your own pack of cards and egg etc.

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