Hypno-Spiral Prediction

Hypno-Spiral Prediction

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Please read carefully – this is a very different kind of prediction effect to feature in your close-up shows!

You show three small colourful spirals and appear to induce a ‘hypnotic’ altered state of mind in a member of your audience.

The participant is told to set the three spirals out in a straight line but in any colour combination that they fancy. There is positively no force involved – they really do lay them into their preferred order.

Despite their freedom of choice you demonstrate that you have telepathically controlled their mind and they have placed the three spirals into the EXACT order that you mentally commanded!

·There is no force used, they have a perfectly free choice and can put the spirals into any order they choose.
·The effect is very easy to do requiring no sleights or special skills save the skill of presentation.
·The three coloured spirals are laminated for long life.

Supplied complete with everything you need to perform this mesmerising effect straight away!

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