Five-Star Dream Prediction - mre

Five-Star Dream Prediction - mre

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Originally marketed by us as Five-Star Card Prediction we have now re-released this effect EXACTLY as Eddie performed it exclusively in his professional shows for many years with his audience appealing dream theme, and renamed it Five-Star Dream Prediction.

We honestly think there are very few card effects that will receive a better audience reception as our Five-Star Dream Prediction!

Telling of a strange dream you had last night you place a closed wallet, together with a sheet of paper in full view.

You claim the wallet contains a single random playing card as per your strong uncontrollable desire following your dream, while the sheet of paper contains more details of your dream.

Re-enacting your dream you now take out your pack of cards and show it faces towards the audience. They can see that the cards are all different. Turning the pack face down you start to deal cards one at a time FACE UP, into a spectator’s outstretched palm.

He sees the face of each and every card clearly as they are dealt. You instruct the spectator to call stop at anytime as per your dream. He really can stop you on ANY CARD.

Your Dream Note is now read out loud by any spectator and the wallet is opened and from inside you remove just one single card, it proves to be the selected card that the spectator freely stopped their dealing at, let’s say the Queen of Spades!

The wallet can be shown to be empty. Your dream has come true with this impossible prediction!

Easy to do with no memory work or sleight of hand involved.

Comes complete with quality poker sized Bicycle playing cards, Dream Note, a faux leather wallet and instructions.

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