Numero Menta

Numero Menta

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Based on an idea given to us by Roy Johnson Numero Menta is our exclusive!

We supply a special set of laminated jumbo size cards (4” x 6”) with black numbers and boldly numbered on each side from one to sixteen, that you will find hundreds of uses for them when you are presenting your magic or mentalism effects.

The cards can be shuffled by your spectator and then individual cards freely turned over and placed down anyway he wishes – yet you can reveal the total of the uppermost numbers even with your back turned throughout the entire proceedings!

Alternatively you can announce the correct total with each card openly sealed in an opaque envelope, and before the envelopes are opened. You never touch the envelopes before you reveal the total. Can it be X-Ray eyes? Simply incredible!

The cards are not faked in any way and can be carefully examined; they are always ready for you to perform either in your close-up, cabaret or stage shows. The total is always different but completely under your control.

These super cards can be used in many different ways and we give you no less than TWELVE different routines and suggestions that incorporates direct mindreading, predictions, book tests, card effects, a gambling theme, predicting your hotel room number etc – you will soon be inventing many more miracles of your own using this clever and undetectable principle.

The set of jumbo number cards are supplied complete with instructions that make the effects both easy to follow and to perform – requiring no special skill or memory, you will be creating and performing ‘Mind Miracles’ with Numero Menta straight away!

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