Magic Drinks Trick

Magic Drinks Trick

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This is destined to become your favourite do-it-anywhere trick. The PERFECT walk about table hopping mystery!

You show ten jumbo sized laminated cards each of which has a different popular beverage pictured on one side. On the opposite side is a picture of the barman pouring the drinks.

Please note that the barman picture is EXACTLY the same on each card – the cards are not marked on their backs in any way.

The cards are mixed and cut and then a spectator freely chooses any one of them concentrating on their chosen drink. Touching the bottle in the barman’s hand with your forefinger, you touch this to your lips as if tasting the drink and immediately correctly announce the name of the beverage that the spectator is concentrating on!

Just to show it isn't a fluke you immediately and accurately repeat the effect identifying another drink. Remember the cards are NOT marked in any way and the selections are freely made – absolutely no forcing.

Finally as your climax you hand out two bar menus and have three drinks freely chosen and these are then sandwiched unseen between the two menus – there is no chance of your glimpsing either the faces or backs of these three drink cards.

Yet by simply touching the back of the menu cards with your forefinger and putting it to your tongue you are instantly able to correctly name all three beverages!

A terrific climax to a very entertaining and versatile effect that is suitable for any performance conditions.

Comes complete with laminated jumbo drinks cards, two menu cards, to last you a lifetime, full routine and complete instructions. It is also very easy to do!

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