Former Life Reading

Former Life Reading

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The idea that we may have existed in a former life has really gripped the imagination of the general public. You can cash in on this interest with this intriguing and inexpensive effect.

Explaining that many people believe that we have all lived before in a past life, you offer to give a demonstration. Twenty jumbo laminated cards, each containing a different symbol; Ladder, Skull, Boot etc are shown and may be examined. Each card has a different picture.

The cards are shuffled by the participant and after suitable concentration you write a prediction on a large sheet of paper that you give it to the participant to slip into their pocket. She is then invited to eliminate all but one of the Past Lives Cards. Let us say she keeps the Coach & Horse card.

Anyone opens your prediction and reads out aloud: “I sense that in a former life you were a blacksmith, so the most familiar object to you will be the Coach & Horse which you will pick out!”

Women especially will find Former Life Reading absolutely fascinating and they will all want to know what they were in a previous life – you can use the twenty symbol cards to give them a reading if you so wish.

The object and prediction can be different every time you present this unusual and persuasive effect, which is supplied complete with the special Former Life Cards and full instructions. By the way, there is no switch of the prediction paper!

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