Card in Envelope

Card in Envelope

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There is nothing new in discovering a duplicate jumbo size playing card in an envelope that has been left in full view, which matches a card freely chosen from a well-shuffled pack so we make no claims of originality!

However, so far we have been unable to find any method that comes anywhere near being both as clean & as easy to perform as the one we offer you here.

You show a sealed envelope, which can be freely handled, and an ordinary pack of playing cards. Anyone takes the cards and shuffles them to their heart’s content and then deals cards one at a time stopping dealing on any card they wish.

The envelope is now torn open and inside is found a single jumbo card and there are positively no other cards, slips of paper or for that matter anything else inside the envelope; it only holds one single jumbo card that can be unreservedly shown both front and back. Let’s say this card is the Ten of Clubs.

Your spectator turns over the final card they stopped at and it exactly matches your prediction card!

Please note the following points:
*There is only one jumbo card in the envelope and this can be a different one at every show. An ordinary envelope is used.
*The audience member genuinely shuffles the pack of cards and cards can be freely dealt – stopping on any card they wish. Perform it with any pack of cards, even a borrowed one.
*While the method is easy-to-do they won’t have a clue as to how you predicted their correct card.
*Can also be performed beautifully with Tarot cards.

Resets in seconds – perform it anywhere – anytime.

Comes with a sample envelope, a few jumbo & Tarot cards to get you started & illustrated instructions.

Only £7.99

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