Ultra Menta Symbols

Ultra Menta Symbols

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This just has to be one of the best Symbol
Prediction effects ever! Imagine what a sensation this effect will create at your next performance!

You give a sealed envelope to a member of your audience to hold, and show a number of cards each with a different symbol on it – and we do mean they are different – the full face and backs of each card can be freely shown – there are no duplicates or double-faced cards.

Any member of the audience freely calls out any number and this symbol is slowly counted to – let us say that you end up with a circle. Please note it will be a different symbol each time you perform this outstanding effect.

The chosen symbol is freely shown on both sides of the card so that everyone is fully aware of the selected symbol.

The audience member opens your prediction envelope and takes out a large sheet of folded paper. Also note that there is only one sheet of paper inside the envelope and the envelope can immediately be passed for examination.
Positively no switch or exchange of the prediction paper.

Your prediction is opened by the spectator and read out loud for all to hear – you have predicted the EXACT chosen symbol!

·Perform this anywhere-anytime.
·No stooges or pre-show contact with the audience.
·A different symbol for repeat performances.
· The prediction can be written as bold as you wish.
·Symbol cards can be passed for examination.

Supplied complete with Jumbo laminated cards all ready for you to perform and it’s even easy to do!

Stewart Stephenson,‘Just how you keep coming up with fresh ideas I will never understand – but please keep them coming – brilliant!’

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