Horse Racing Prediction - Mre

Horse Racing Prediction - Mre

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There have been Horse Racing Prediction effects before but none have been so very easy-to-do and yet so utterly baffling and entertaining as this one!

Explaining that you are going to show your audience how to win at the races, you place a prediction envelope in full view. Next you show the ten pictures of the horses that are to run in your race – each horse has a different name such as Lucky Lady, Topper, Magic Boy etc – ten horses and ten names. Please note: only ten jumbo size cards are shown – there really are only ten runners in the race – no extra or double cards.

Any spectator takes the cards in their own hands and thoroughly shuffles or mixes the cards to their heart’s content. The race is on and the cards are cut and then in an exciting manner the spectator eliminates card after card, dropping each one down on the table as he does so – until only one horse is left – the WINNER!

The winning card is turned over and the name of the winning horse is called out loud for all to hear, let’s say they call out “Thunder God!” Your prediction envelope is opened by any spectator and seen to contain one large sheet of folded paper – which when opened written on the paper in big BOLD letters is found the winning horse Thunder God!

Please note the following points:
·The winner can be a different horse every time.
·Good as it is, the method is NOT the P.A.T.E.O force.
·No switch of the prediction paper and nothing else is concealed in the envelope.
·Perform it anywhere-anytime, close-up or cabaret.

Laminated cards & full clear instructions supplied.

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