Cymbal Crash Prediction

Cymbal Crash Prediction

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A truly entertaining and baffling prediction with a pack of cards.

Removing your wallet you take out a pair of finger cymbals, which you teach an audience member how to use in the traditional Gypsy manner. Your wallet is left in full view upon the table.

Now you remove a pack of playing cards showing both their faces and backs and start to deal cards slowly one at a time upon the wallet – your spectator is told to strike the cymbals together at any time and when they do, you stop dealing on that very card.

The spectator is allowed to take the card in your hand that they stopped you on or the card previously dealt – or the one still on the top of the deck, all perfectly free choices.

The two discarded cards are shown to be different as are the cards left in your hand and the cards already dealt, nothing could be fairer. The choice having been made you then open your wallet and show a single face down playing card inside explaining that you put it there earlier. This card is openly removed – no switch of card, and turned face upwards: IT EXACTLY MATCHES THE SELECTED CARD!

Now please note: You supply your own wallet, which is a standard one and is completely unfaked and we supply the pack of quality cards together with the novel finger cymbals with which you can create lots of fun; making this a most musical magical card prediction!

The ideal effect for your close-up and walkabout performances as it is reset in a moment. No palming or other sleight of hand is used. Easy to do.

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