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How often have you been asked, “Can you do hypnotism?” or “Did you hypnotise that person?” and have had to use some double-talk to deal with the situation – well now you don’t have to any longer! The ‘Hypno’ in the name stands for Hypnotism and the ‘Pso’ stands for Pseudo – in other words using the special somethings that we supply you can include a performance of pseudo comedy hypnotism anywhere –anytime!

You give a short talk on the “powers of suggestion” and then get a few volunteers forward, when to the rest of the audiences’ astonishment they quickly appear to fall asleep and then start to act in amazing amusing ways as suggested by you the performer – laughing and crying at TV programmes only visualised inside their own minds,clucking like chickens and barking like dogs, enjoying a day at an imaginary beach and so on.

Please note that the volunteers are not stooges and you have not approached or coached them before the show – they are genuine volunteer members of the audience. You will be stunned at the results you will get – show after show using this clever method!

Secretly used by professional hypnotists who are in the know for many years in fact, most well-known hypnotic performers keep these gimmicks in their pocket to use when facing a difficult audience or to set the scene for their regular hypnotic routine.

We supply the special Hypno gimmick, the ‘power of suggestion’ patter and full instructions together with comical routines. This is really GREAT ENTERTAINMENT that is easy-to-do.

No training in the art of hypnotism required.

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