Matching Mates

Matching Mates

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Ideal for close-up & walkabout party performers and suitable for children or adults.

You show four cards that have been cut in halves, making eight pieces in total. You show that the half cards are mixed together, so that no halves match each other. The halves are gathered into one pile, still in their mixed condition.

Say a magic word and when you now lay the cards out again, it is seen that each half has mysteriously matched together with its other half so that you now have four Matching Mates!

Now please note: We supply this made up in both children’s picture cards and also regular playing cards. The cards are not faked or gimmicked in any way, apart from being cut into halves. Thus you could use any kind of cards like Tarot cards or borrowed business cards etc. No double-face or double-back cards are used.

Eddie has been using this in his walkabout hotel work (including the hotel at Alton Towers) where it has been very well received by family groups that have small children with them. Eddie gives his full comedy patter and audience participation routine for such events. You and your other half are going to love it!

Matching Mates is easy–to-do, requiring just a little handling practice. Can be very quickly learned. Re-set in a moment and no fakes to hide or worry about.

Please don’t be put off by the low price. This is something you can & will use.

Comes complete with the children's picture cards, regular playing cards, instructions & Eddie’s professional routine.

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