Viagra Pill Card Revelation

Viagra Pill Card Revelation

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Very easy to do! Extremely commercial and great fun with the right audience!

This really is a great fun thing that I have been including in my close-up and walkabout performances. It is also ideal for a small audience.

A female spectator freely chooses any playing card from yours or a borrowed pack. The card is kissed by the lady, then she shuffles it back into the pack again.

You now introduce a large size ‘Viagra Pill’. There is some terrific comedy fun, explained in the routine. You hold the ‘pill’ lying flat on your hand.

The lady passes the cards one by one over the pill. Suddenly the pill stands erect (what would you expect a Viagra pill to do?) Needless to say the lady has the selected card in her hand!

The ‘pill’ can be passed for examination at the end and no one else can make it work.

Comes with the special 'Viagra pill’ and comedy routine. Use your own playing cards. A snip at the price!

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