Healed & Sealed Soda

Healed & Sealed Soda

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An opened, emptied and crushed soft drinks can slowly restores itself, making noises as all the dents disappear.

You heal the hole in the top, so that the can is once again healed and sealed. Then OPEN the can with a pfzzzt and the original drink is poured into a glass!

One normal can is used – no switches.

“This is one of the most astonishing things I have witnessed in a long, long time!” Mathew Field.

Wayne Shipman followed up by saying, “The soda can restoration was drop-dead magic. Rooms full of jaded magicians were exclaiming ‘No!’ and ‘No way!'”

In May 2002 David Blaine performed his own handling of this stunner on his show Vertigo, "Thank you for being so devious. I cannot wait to literally wipe people’s perceptions right out of their brains with this.”

Healed & Sealed Soda is easy to do. No switch of can remember; only one can of soft drink purchased from your local shop is used. A reputation maker! Was £12.50 now

Only £9.50

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