Miss Made Girl Prediction

Miss Made Girl Prediction

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Here is a naughty but nice novelty prediction to show the boys!

You show the back of a jumbo size card cut into four pieces. You explain that it is a prediction made by your friend in Thailand. Unfortunately, when you asked him to cut to a card – he misunderstood and cut the card up in four pieces.

You ask a spectator to assemble the card, back upwards, like a jigsaw puzzle. He does so making a perfect jumbo card back.

Now you simply force the Queen of Hearts (we tell you how) and then tell him to turn the four pieces over and reassemble them to show your prediction is correct.

He does so, and everyone is surprised to see that the Queen of Hearts is one of those Jumbo Wolf cards that show a beautiful young woman in the all-together; wearing nothing at all! Surprisingly, one vital part of the card is missing, leaving just a space.

It truly is an amazing puzzle as to how this gap in the card has mysteriously appeared! You comment that the spectator has lost the most interesting part. After the laugh, explain that your friend in Thailand must have censored the prediction by magic.

Miss Made Girl Prediction is sold at an almost indecent low price! Use your own pack of playing cards.

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