The Irish Computer

The Irish Computer

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Two laminated plaques are shown to have pictures of computers on all four sides. The monitor screens of the computer pictures are completely blank. You explain that they are the type of computers used in Ireland. They are left in full view.

Now there is a bit of fun when you ask a spectator to “Think of a number – double it – add twenty to the answer – double that – then take away the number they first thought of!” (Don’t worry – they don’t have to get it right – it is just a gag). You ask them for their answer – and you check the Irish Computer to see if they are correct! The answer that has appeared on the screen of the computer is a positive laugh every time! With this in your pocket or bag – both you and your audiences are going to have loads of fun.

At the price it is a bargain & dead easy to do. You will be showing this around the same day as you receive it. Everybody’s eyes will be smiling!

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