Quacky the Amazing Magic Duck

Quacky the Amazing Magic Duck

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Any spectator freely chooses any playing card (no force) from an ordinary pack of cards. The card is then mixed into the pack. You introduce ‘Quacky’ a collector’s tin toy duck; he is only 10cm long so lives inside your pocket where he is all ready to perform his amazing card trick.

First you have to feed him so you hold out your cupped hand and Quacky opens and closes his beak with a loud clicking noise. You explain that his favourite food is ‘quacker oats’ but at the moment you only have ‘quackers & cheese!’

Quacky now attempts to find the chosen card but fails miserably five times, despite your obvious tender loving care – and the fact that various ladies in the audience give him a big kiss.

Finally you agree to give him some ‘Quacker oats’ and the five failure cards are then placed into his beak, but still nothing happens – that is, until you get a gentleman to kiss him – by accident in totally the wrong place – causing Quacky to open his beak with a loud click and letting all the cards drop save just one, yes the one he holds on to is the correct selected card!

Quacky is ideal to carry at all times and will even perform with a borrowed pack of cards. He is also great fun performing for children using picture cards. However, due to the small moving parts Quacky must never be given to young children because of the choking risk. They are NOT sold to juveniles.

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