The Witches' Prediction

The Witches' Prediction

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Here is an effect that party, street and close-up magicians will delight in - no lengthy preparation and it is very easy to perform.

You show several large jumbo-sized cards each of which has a different coloured drawing of an everyday article printed upon it. Items like a watch, comb, scent and so on are pictured each on different cards.

The cards are laid out into a ‘Witches’ Circle’ making a colourful and eye-catching display.

Your spectator is to select one of the articles and the witches will cause that selected object pictured to appear as the real thing in the participant’s own hand, and that is exactly what happens! Please note: No sleight of hand is required!

The Witches’ Prediction is both unexpected and astonishing as well as being good fun and entertaining. You yourself will be both intrigued and delighted as to how this superb effect works. The article can be a different one at repeat performances.

Everything can be examined – no fakes or extra cards are used.

Perfect for table-hopping as no table is necessary, the effect can easily be worked in your own or a spectator’s hands.

Comes with jumbo-sized picture cards (5.5" x 4") & instructions.

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