Spot the Spot

Spot the Spot

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Based on a children’s effect marketed by Eddie in the 1970s this makes the ideal pocket effect for audiences of all ages. Very easy to do and re-sets in a moment. Perform it right under their noses.

You show two laminated small cards each in their own clear plastic sleeve. Both have three different coloured spots on them; red, yellow and dark green. Both cards are placed into each of the spectator’s hands; one face up and the other face down.

A coloured spot is selected by the audience and you utter a magic spell when viola! The selected spot has vanished completely off one of the cards, unfortunately it doesn't arrive where you claim it will – the spot is missing, you call for it, “Spot, spot – ah there is spot!”

The second card is turned to show a picture of SPOT the dog – with the missing spot balanced on his head! If you so wish both cards can be handed out for examination without a clue to how it is done.

Tommy Cooper made a tremendous hit with the original version of this effect on British television. You can do the same using this modern, entertaining and thoroughly baffling close-up mystery!

Please note the following points:
*Very easy to do and resets in a moment.
*No replacement spots are ever needed.
*Cards are laminated for long life.
*The ‘vanish’ of the selected spot fools everyone.
Comes complete and ready for you to perform.

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