Spooky Matchbox

Spooky Matchbox

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You remove a box of matches from your pocket and then lay it on the palm of your outstretched hand. Upon your command the box slowly rises and then stands on end. Another command makes it lay down again.

Still another command from you and the box mysteriously opens, the drawer sliding out in the direction of the spectator, from which he may be invited to remove one of the matches should he so desire.

You then close the box and lay it onto the back of your hand, after which it repeats its peculiar antics yet again.

The knockout climax is reached when, after the box has mysteriously risen to an upright position, the drawer again opens sliding out and upwards this time to nearly its full height!

This superior ‘pocket miracle’ will please both your audience and you the performer. It is a classic of magic that is available at a very low price indeed.

The empty matchbox is supplied complete and ready to perform. Postal regulations don’t allow us to send the matches to put in the box but you can fill the box with regular ones of your own.

Only £5.00

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