The Amazing Candy Trick

The Amazing Candy Trick

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Several Polo Mints or similar white mints are removed from a regular roll and you take two pieces while a spectator takes the other two pieces. In an entertaining version of the famous ‘Chinese Linking Rings’ trick your two pieces become magically linked together while the audience member is completely unable to link theirs at all.

Just as easily you magically unlink yours and either drop them into a spectator’s palm for examination or alternatively they can be eaten!

The effect can easily be repeated or even three mints can become magically linked together and then unlinked - just like that!

Please note that in this wonderful close-up version of the famous ‘Linking Rings’ you use no ready linked mints, no glue and no magnets.

For walkabout and close-up table magic the effect can be immediately repeated, as The Amazing Candy Trick is always ready for you to perform.

The special fake is convincingly made and the effect is completely practical.

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