Mystic Rod (small) aka Hot Rod/Bomba Stick

Mystic Rod (small) aka Hot Rod/Bomba Stick

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This is also sold as the Hot Rod but Marvillo originally called it ‘Bomba Stick’ it is easily one of the best close-up effects of all time.

You show a plastic rod with different coloured spots on both sides.

You explain that the stick is used by jewellers for people to select the colour of the jewel they wish to have in their ring or brooch etc.

A spectator freely selects a number from one to six and that spot is selected.

Instantly all the spots on the rod ON BOTH SIDES change to the selected one and then just as suddenly change back again! Sold at an almost give-away price!

Comes with the small Mystic Rod & instructions.

Only £6.99

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