Matchbox Surprize

Matchbox Surprize

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·You shake a box of matches allowing the matches inside it to rattle.
·Open the drawer and leave the matchbox cover in your closed hand.
·Remove a single match and wave it over your closed fist.
·Open your hand to show that the matchbox cover has now mysteriously vanished into thin air!

Reach into your pocket and remove the missing matchbox cover and replace the drawer containing the matches.
The matchbox and matches inside can now be used in the regular manner.

A fascinating magical interval that you can use anywhere at anytime as it is so simple to do! No thread, wires, pulls, palming or sleeving. Matchbox Surprize comes complete with the special matchbox plus a duplicate regular box and full easy-to-understand instructions.

Due to fire regulations no actual matches are included, just place a few regular safety matches into the boxes and you are all ready to perform.

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