Flight of Fantasy

Flight of Fantasy

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Here is the ideal close-up and walkabout effect that your audience will truly enjoy!

Several small laminated cards, which each have a picture of earth through the clouds printed upon them, are placed in a row before your spectators. You explain that each one represents a destination onto which a small aeroplane is soon to land.

The model plane or helicopter is now given to a spectator who then acts as the pilot and he is invited to fly the plane over the various destinations. A second spectator plays the part of the ‘airfield control officer’ and calls out a number on which the aeroplane is to land – and the ‘pilot’ duly lands the aeroplane on the chosen destination.

When the discarded destinations are shown, each has a letter of the alphabet on the reverse and when these are arranged in a row they spell the name of a country.

The chosen destination is turned over and unbelievably is the very country just spelled by the discarded destination cards!

This is the perfect effect to carry with you when on holiday or anytime and anywhere as it fits neatly into your pocket. Reset in a moment and easy to do requiring no skill. Highly recommended.

Supplied ready to work including a small aeroplane, helicopter or similar flying machine.

"Eddie your Flight of Fantasy is terrific and I use it often in my close-up act!" John Moorhouse.

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