Hunter's Puzzling Knot

Hunter's Puzzling Knot

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We have had many requests to explain this fascinating effect, especially when magicians see Eddie perform it in his inimitable way, so we decided to do something about it!

The method is fully detailed in our instructions with easy to follow illustrations.

Essentially it is a fun routine using just a piece of rope, shoelace or string in which you challenge audience members to tie a knot in the cord without letting go of the ends! Try as the spectators might they cannot do this – until you explain a simple method that enables them to do so.

Just when they think they have the ‘secret’ they discover that you have been leading them up the garden path and try as they might they fail, fail, and fail again, yes they are still failing no matter how carefully they follow your movements!

Finally you can cause them to succeed but they just will not be able to repeat their success no matter how many times they try.

This really is a fun effect that you will be performing for many years to come. Use any rope or string and any type of solid ring. Easy to do! Mr. 'E' booklet explains all.

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