Puzzling Knot Outdone

Puzzling Knot Outdone

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Here is a fun routine based on Hunter’s Puzzling Knot in which you challenge audience members to tie a knot in a cord threaded through a ring of keys without letting go of the ends! You offer to demonstrate but try as you may you cannot do so; the ring keeps falling onto the floor.

What happens next is just too good to give away here sufficient to say that you do succeed but in both a magical and a hilarious manner that will result in lots of laughter and applause!

All you carry for this amusing effect is a piece of rope and a bunch of keys or borrow a shoelace and a bunch of keys and you are all ready to perform.

This truly is an enjoyable effect that you will be performing for many years to come. Use any rope or string and any type of bunch of keys. Easy to do! Our Mr. ‘E’ Booklet explains all!

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